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RightStart Math Level A

RightStart Math Level A


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RightStart Math Level A



Homeschool Together Overview


  • RightStart Math Level A is a hands-on, manipulative-based math curriculum for kindergarten students.

  • It uses a spiral learning approach, introducing concepts and circling back to them repeatedly over 132 total lessons.

  • Lessons are designed to be covered over the course of a school year by completing 3-4 per week.


Program Components & Structure

  • The program includes student workbooks, parent lesson guidebooks, and a kit of math manipulatives (total cost of $325 with manipulatives or $97 for only the book bundle). There is also a digital pdf option for the student workbook allowing you to use it for multiple students.

  • Manipulatives include items like an abacus, balance beam, geoboard, math cards, and more. These are used actively during lessons.

  • Lessons follow a structure of warm-up activities, explanation of new ideas, hands-on practice with manipulatives, assessments, and conclusion.

  • Parents lead each lesson and activity one-on-one with their child. The curriculum provides guidance for parents to follow.



  • The hands-on, interactive nature of the lessons caters well to tactile, kinesthetic learning styles.

  • Using manipulatives makes learning math more exciting and concrete for students.

  • The program promotes parent involvement and bonding through working together.

  • It can build confidence and skills in children who are reluctant toward or struggling with math.



  • The upfront cost of the manipulative kit is a high investment.

  • It requires a significant time commitment from parents for instruction.

  • The lessons are not as well-suited for visual or independent learners.



RightStart Math provides an interactive, manipulative-based math curriculum that engages tactile learners but requires monetary and time investments from parents. It does not include lots of practice problems, so parents may want to supplement it with workbooks. Overall, we use this program with our own learner and feel it has given a very strong math foundation. We highly recommend it!



Product Description


These beginning lessons will build a firm foundation with number sense through quantity recognition and visualization strategies using the AL Abacus. RS2 Level A helps the child understand quantities based on 5s and 10s. This level includes addition and subtraction to 10, place value to the hundreds, and some basic geometry and measurement. Money and clocks are introduced. Card games are included in the lessons. Problem-solving is emphasized.

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