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Evan-Moor: Smart Start STEM K

Evan-Moor: Smart Start STEM K



Amazon - Evan-Moor: Smart Start STEM K

Evan-Moor - Evan-Moor: Smart Start STEM K


Product Description


Engage your Grade K child in fun hands-on projects that develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 


Topics within each STEM challenge target earth, life, and physical science.


Each unit covers a specific scientific concept and includes:

  • Science Story: Introduces each science concept

  • Practice Activities: Support children’s understanding

  • STEM Story: Fictional story with a problem to solve

  • STEM Challenge: Hands-on activity to solve a problem

  • STEM Journal: Provides a planning outline to help complete the challenge activity


Kindergarten STEM skills include:

  • Comparisons

  • Letter formation

  • Fine motor skills

  • Cause and effect

  • Visual discrimination

  • Sequencing

  • Inference


Kindergarten activities incorporate these scientific concepts:


Physical science

  • Shapes, Sizes, and More

  • Solids and Liquids

  • Does the Magnet Stick?

  • Wheels Do the Work


Life science

  • What Plants Need

  • What Animals Need

  • Plant Parts

  • Living Things

  • People Grow and Change


Earth science

  • Bodies of Water

  • Seasons

  • Rocks


The STEM challenges and activities encourage your child to think creatively and explore different ideas to solve problems. Parents act as facilitators, guiding their children through the problem-solving process.


Each unit includes stories and practice pages that help children understand science concepts and provide a foundation for completing each STEM challenge. A STEM journal activity helps guide children through the engineering design process: plan, create, test, and record.

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