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Build Your Library: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Build Your Library: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix



Build Your Library: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix



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This year Harry has a lot on his plate. The Ministry of Magic is actively working against him, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is taking over the school, and school work as doubled as the fifth years prepare for their O.W.L. exams.


In this unit, like the units preceding it, you’ll continue your Magical Terms and Spells Glossary, Magical Devices Guide, Magical Creatures Field Guide, Travel Guide to the Wizarding World (Magical Places), and the Weekly Prophet. As always, there are copywork/dictation passages taken from the novel, as well as vocabulary and discussion questions to help you get the most out of the story.


This unit also includes a Defense Against the Dark Arts Hogwarts course – just like Harry and his friends had to work together to fight against the rising evil in the Wizarding World, you and your child will be learning about Activism and how they can fight against the evils in our own world. You’ll be reading about children who saw a problem and stood up to do something about it in It’s Our World, Too: Young People Who Are Making a Difference. The major project in this course will be working on a service project, using the book The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects for inspiration and guidance.


The Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix unit study will take approximately 4 weeks to complete and is appropriate for upper-elementary and up. The PDF file is 53 pages and includes a full schedule, project ideas and 9 activity pages.

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