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RightStart Math Level C

RightStart Math Level C


Homeschool Together Review:

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RightStart Math Level C



Our Brief Review:


  • Level C builds skills in addition, subtraction, place value, borrowing, and carrying
  • Covers concepts of time, money, and complex word problems using reasoning terminology
  • Introduces topics of geometry, shapes, fractions, and an introduction to division
  • Incorporates the use of worksheets for independent practice opportunities
  • Utilizes manipulatives like an abacus, tiles, and shapes to demonstrate mathematical concepts
  • Slowly introduces foundational concepts of multiplication and division through doubling, arrays, and geometry
  • Covers the concept of negative numbers, preparing students for future algebra
  • Includes the practice of mental math but avoids overemphasis on it
  • Progresses quickly through lessons as students gain stronger math foundations
  • Comprehensively builds understanding of mathematical concepts like place value and mathematical intuition
  • Introduces new challenging concepts while reviewing core competencies
  • Focuses on developing skills in mathematical reasoning, not just rote answers
  • Completing the full RightStart program should provide an excellent conceptual and practical base for more advanced math learning later on
  • We use this program with our own learner and feel it has given a very strong math foundation. We highly recommend it!



Product Description


The RS2 Level C Lessons continues to build on known addition and subtraction facts, works with 4-digit addition and subtraction and 2-digit mental calculations and introduces multiplication and fractions. Other topics include area and perimeter, measurement, money, time, and basic fractions. They also work with drawing tools to explore geometric designs. Problem solving is emphasized. Card games are included in the lessons. Review lessons are included for children new to the RightStart™ program.

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