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Build Your Library: Prehistory Unit Study

Build Your Library: Prehistory Unit Study



Build Your Library: Prehistory Unit Study



Product Description


This six-week unit covers much more than just dinosaurs. You’ll learn about the origins of the Earth, the first life, the first mammals, the first men, the Ice Age, all the way through to the beginnings of modern man… and of course, dinosaurs.


You’ll read through the first section of The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia Of World History supplemented with several carefully selected picture books, as well as a literature study of the exciting chapter book, Maroo of the Winter Caves.


This unit includes a variety of projects and activities, from creating a Timeline of Prehistory and a Field Guide to the Prehistoric World, creating your own fossils, making a cave painting in the style of Prehistoric artists,  and more.


The Prehistory Unit is perfect for your elementary-age student, but there are many suggestions for books to add for older children, and the activities are flexible enough to include both age brackets. The unit is 68 pages, scheduled over six  5 day weeks, and includes vocabulary, timeline pages, and several activity pages as well as a literature study including copywork.

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