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Blossom and Root Third Grade: Complete

Blossom and Root Third Grade: Complete



Blossom and Root Third Grade: Complete



Product Description From The Publisher


Blossom & Root Third Grade was designed to provide parents with a third grade curriculum that focuses on the development of the whole child. Our comprehensive program includes:


  • An innovative art curriculum, integrating math concepts, picture study, and weekly art projects that stimulate the imagination and encourage creativity

  • A lively, adventure-filled science curriculum and coordinating nature study curriculum focusing on the animal kingdom. Includes a student notebook for science and a nature notebook to document your adventures. Also includes Wonders of the Prehistoric World, a 13-week extension unit.

  • A living-books inspired language arts program full of stories of curiosity and courage. Includes engaging literature projects, journaling, word building, vocabulary, narration, grammar / mechanics, and copywork. This curriculum also integrates geography through creation myths from the around the world and an optional survey of world religions and celebrations. Also includes a coordinating Creative Extensions Guide that encourages your child to explore new forms of artistic expression through a variety of storytelling mediums–both ancient and modern!

  • Complete parent curriculum guides (includes detailed *yet flexible* lessons, book and supply lists, budget-friendly tips for curriculum implementation, and more.)


We carefully designed our curriculum to work for the parent on a budget, and provide suggestions for acquiring all of the needed books, music, art, and supplies at minimal cost. You won’t find an $800.00 minimal investment requirement here! Most of our activities use what you already have around your home, and are designed to be flexible for all budgets and families.

We also designed our curriculum with the busy parent in mind. Whether you’re a working parent, or a homeschooling mom of five kids in different learning stages, you can give your third grader an exceptional year with Blossom & Root Third Grade. Most days require approximately 2 1/2 hours of focused time together. Best of all, our science, nature study, art projects, and many of the read-alouds in our language arts program, can all be done as a family, even with a wide range of ages.

With Blossom & Root Third Grade, you can truly give your child a year of curiosity and wonder! They will make friends with some of the most influential and important artists in human history, listen to you read from the best children’s literature ever written, explore their own artistic voice, discover the beauty of the world right outside their door, and play with science concepts, all while developing a solid foundation in reading, writing, and investigative thinking that will provide them with confidence in the years to come.

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