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Touring the World: North America Resources

Touring the World: North America Resources



Touring the World: North America Resources



Product Description


This resource guide recommends books, movies, documentaries, videos, games, and recipes for each of the countries in Oceania and the Polar Regions. 


Within you'll find resources for:

- Canada

- The United States

- Indigenous Peoples (of the United States and Canada)

- Mexico

- Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize, and Panama)

- The Caribbean Islands


This guide contains:

- 198 Books

- 7 Movies

- 11 Documentaries

- 118 Videos

- 19 Games

- 25 Recipes


This resource guide is not a substitute for a complete curriculum. It is meant as an extension for a curriculum or your own unit studies.

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