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Torchlight Level K - Worldly Wisdom

Torchlight Level K - Worldly Wisdom


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Torchlight Level K - Worldly Wisdom



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Curriculum overview:

  • 36-week kindergarten curriculum designed for ages 5-7
  • Covers various countries indiscriminately to provide variety
  • Includes science experiments and character-building components
  • Features art projects not related to global cultures
  • Uses a checklist format rather than day-by-day schedule



  • Engaging, newer book selections
  • Extensive book lists with additional recommendations
  • Incorporates videos and music recommendations
  • Checklist format provides flexibility



  • Many literature books don't relate to country/region studies
  • Character building spine had boring, obvious stories
  • Art projects not connected to global cultures
  • Literature books often lengthy for young students
  • Science experiments are random rather than related concepts


Torchlight Level K exposes students to a wide variety of compelling literature from around the world. However, many components, like literature, art, and science, seem disjointed rather than tied together. The curriculum tends to skew older than the stated ages. Families will need to be prepared to purchase most of the new literature selections. Torchlight offers a lot of flexibility, but we felt it required additions to create a more cohesive world cultures focused program. For this reason, we decided to combine it with Build Your Library Level 0.


Product Description


The basis of Level K is exposure to all the academic disciplines and to inspire a love of learning and reading. Learners will continue to transition through focused studies as the levels progress. Worldly Wisdom uses the art of story to focus on world culture, building character, and the study of great women and men throughout history. Torchlight also includes a unique, robust exploration of science for Level K. The material is intentionally varied with the hope that many concepts will grab your learner’s attention and lead them to explore. In some cases, you will notice that a whole series of books have been included. This provides consistency, which tends to resonate with young learners. They will get to know the characters and give them a familiar face to look forward to within their lessons.

36-week lesson plan:

  • Literature, Poetry, Character Building, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Cultural Studies & Cooking.
  • Linked book list
  • Linked media within each lesson
  • Additional linked
  • Supplemental book list
  • Supplementary App, media, and music list
  • Supplementary bedtime story recommendations
  • Extension activities for seamless further learning within each week
  • Torchlight’s Progressive Geography Inquiry Lessons
  • Notes on secular and ethics breaches prior to scheduled readings
  • Question and discussion reference sheets
  • List of linked alternate/replacement books for easy tailoring of the program to suit each family’s needs
  • Original games and activities to solidify learning and skills



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