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Torchlight Level 2: Logic and Legends

Torchlight Level 2: Logic and Legends



Torchlight Level 2: Logic and Legends



Product Description


Torchlight’s Level 2 curriculum for learners ages 7-9 is entitled Logic & Legend. In Level 2 we will become acquainted with the medieval world through non-fiction selections and legends alike. From the Islamic Golden age to the European dark ages; we will learn of the riches found in Africa and the thriving pre-colonization cultures in the Americas. We will immerse ourselves in the beauty of legends and use them to sharpen our logic skills.


Daily and Weekly Lesson plan with prep pages for 36 weeks of:

  • Literature, Pantomime Poetry, Vocabulary, History, Mythology, Science, Art & Music.

  • Writing & Grammar introduction are also included in Level 2!

  • Linked book list

  • Weekly library checklist

  • Linked media within each lesson

  • Additional linked

    • Supplemental book list

    • Supplementary App, media, and games list

  • Extension activities for seamless further learning within each week

  • Torchlight’s Medieval Geography Lessons

  • Torchlight’s exclusive Literature Primers Include:

    • Torchlight’s intent when scheduling the book (educational value)

    • Vocabulary

    • Notes on secular and ethics breaches prior to scheduled readings

    • Socratic-inspired discussion outlines

  • A year-long project that incorporates art, creative writing, and reading (Becoming a Bard)

  • Vocabulary Journal (My Vocabulary Spell Book)

  • Torchlight Original: Hypatia Evans and a Grave Riddle

  • List of linked alternate/replacement books for easy tailoring of the program to suit each family’s needs

  • Original games and activities to solidify learning and skills

  • Recommendations for Math and Reading & Writing programs

    • The recommended Reading & Writing program is very thorough and includes comprehension, grammar, punctuation, copy work and dictation in the appropriate levels.

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