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Singapore Dimensions Math Pre-K

Singapore Dimensions Math Pre-K



Singapore Dimensions Math Pre-K



Product Description


Dimensions Math Pre-K is the latest Singapore Math curriculum from the people who know it best. Written by a team of educators and experts with more than 100 years of combined classroom experience, it is a rigorous and engaging curriculum that provides a deep math foundation. Grade Pre-K covers matching, sorting, comparison, early numbers, shapes, early addition and subtraction, and more.


Dimensions Math® Complete Sets include all the material we offer for an entire school year. A books are for the first half of the year, and B books are for the second half of the year. The program contains A & B textbooks, workbooks, and teacher’s guides.


Textbooks develop concepts in increasing levels of abstraction. Each topic is thoughtfully introduced and extended through the use of exploration, play, and opportunities for mastery of skills. Features & Components:

  • Chapter Opener: Each chapter begins with an engaging scenario that stimulates student curiosity in new concepts. This scenario also provides teachers an opportunity to review skills.

  • Lesson: Engaging imagery draws students into the concept of each lesson.

  • Exercise: A pencil icon at the end of the lesson links to additional practice problems in the corresponding workbook.

  • Review: A review of chapter material provides ongoing practice of concepts and skills.


Workbooks extend practice to reinforce and consolidate information covered in textbooks. Colorful and compelling activities make this essential part of the learning process fun for students.


Teacher’s guides are a comprehensive resource for achieving lesson objectives. They include background information, detailed lesson plans, helpful suggestions, and activities. They help educators understand the purpose of each lesson within the context of the curriculum. A high level of educator involvement is essential for success in this program.

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