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REAL Science Odyssey Physics Level 1

REAL Science Odyssey Physics Level 1



REAL Science Odyssey Physics Level 1



Product Description


REAL Science Odyssey Physics 1 presents complicated physics concepts in a way that young people can comprehend and immediately apply to everyday play and work. Topics covered include the study of matter, motion, friction, work, sound and wave, magnetism, electricity, and even a glimpse into the quantum world. Through short, engaging reading assignments, discussion, and hands-on experiments using household objects, students will be introduced to the scientific laws that govern the universe and explore physics in the everyday world around them.


Building simple levers and describing how they work, using different sizes and shapes of balloons to learn about rocket science, and learning what happens when you drink through a straw are just a few of the creative science experiments found within the course. Grades 3-6

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