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REAL Science Odyssey Biology Level 1

REAL Science Odyssey Biology Level 1



REAL Science Odyssey Biology Level 1



Product Description


REAL Science Odyssey Biology Level 1 is a year-long, secular homeschool biology curriculum. If you were to distill Biology 1 into one statement, it would be “similar but different.” All organisms share fundamental characteristics and processes. The unifying concepts found in Biology Level 1 are the cell theory, the theory of evolution, genetics, and the processes used to define and describe the concept of organism.


Biology Level 1 explains early in the course about the characteristics non-viral organisms share. Later in the course, anatomy and physiology are taught through the lens of these characteristics. Connections are made, such as when students work on side-by-side models of a human nervous system and the nervous system of a tardigrade, and differences are explained. Grades 2-5

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