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Oak Meadow 2nd Grade

Oak Meadow 2nd Grade



Oak Meadow 2nd Grade

Oak Meadows Craft Kit



Product Description


Oak Meadow’s 2nd grade curriculum expands on your child’s natural intelligence and growing confidence as a reader and writer.


In language arts reading emerges from writing and observations of animals and nature become the subject of poems writing and stories. The rhythmic nature of rhyming poems becomes a natural and playful means of working with phonetic letter sounds as students develop their independent reading skills.


In social studies students continue to develop their understanding of history geography economics and civics. Fables and folktales provide the backdrop for learning about ancient cultures and universal human themes. Students explore the themes of good citizenship by learning about the lives of inspiring individuals.


In math the second grader’s growing understanding of mathematics and confidence in manipulating numbers leads to work with the multiplication tables and gaining skill with the four processes.


In science students continue to develop their observation skills as they explore the world of animals. Themes such as interdependence natural rhythms and classification provide the foundation for close-up investigations into the plant and animal kingdoms.


Through hands-on and investigative activities in art crafts music and health students engage in explorations of color and craft develop their recorder playing skills and conduct inquiries into topics related to their healthy development.


Projects crafts and activities through the year include:


  • Copy and illustrate poems

  • Make books

  • Perform puppet plays

  • Grow an indoor plant

  • Make an ancient mask

  • Create a doll


The following materials are included with the 2nd Grade Package:

  • 2nd Grade Coursebook

  • 2nd Grade Resource Book

  • Intermediate Recorder: builds upon the foundation of recorder playing that was introduced in Grade 1. Families needing a different level recorder book may request a substitution at checkout by adding a note to the Shipping Instructions field.

  • Tuck Me In Tales & Other Stories

  • The Book of Cultures

  • Ben & Meg

  • Old Mother West Wind

  • Fables

  • Four Fun Friends


*Note: You will need the K-3 Essentials Package and the 2nd Grade Craft Kit

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