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Math Mammoth Grade 1

Math Mammoth Grade 1


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Grade 1-A Worktext

Grade 1-B Worktext

Grade 1 Tests and Cumulative Reviews

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  • Math Mammoth Grade 1 is a mastery-based curriculum split into 8 chapters across 2 student workbooks. It is intended to cover an entire school year, with approximately 1 chapter per month.


Program Components & Structure

  • The program includes student workbooks, chapter tests, answer keys for everything, totaling around $50 for the full curriculum.
  • Each chapter begins with detailed explanations of the mathematical concepts and skills that will be covered. The chapters also provide web links to additional online resources.
  • The lessons include worked examples to demonstrate the concepts, followed by repetitive practice problems for students to complete. This allows students to practice the same skills in multiple ways.
  • At the end of each chapter is a review section, followed by a chapter test in the separate testing workbook. This allows assessment of student mastery.



  • The repetitive practice and self-directed approach make Math Mammoth a good fit for independent learners who can work through material successfully on their own.
  • The "no-frills" nature appeals to students who want to get their work done quickly and efficiently without a lot of extra activities.
  • The chapter tests provide good practice and experience with standardized testing formats to prepare students.
  • At $50 for a full year's math curriculum, Math Mammoth is budget-friendly compared to other options.
  • The independent nature of the worksheets suits Math Mammoth well for homeschool families with multiple children, as students can work independently.



  • The program does not come with manipulatives. Math Mammoth is not ideal for kinesthetic or hands-on learners who prefer using physical objects to understand math concepts.
  • There is also little variety in how math problems are approached or presented, so students who benefit from tackling concepts in multiple ways may find the repetition boring.
  • Parents who want to be actively involved through one-on-one interactivity with their student may need to find ways to supplement the independent worksheet approach.


Math Mammoth workbooks lack visual appeal and do not integrate manipulatives or activities. Parents may need to supplement the math lessons with additional hands-on options to support kinesthetic learners. However, the straightforward approach to math problems and repetition is very effective. We use this program with our learner to cement ideas and get lots of math practice. Overall, this is a very solid math curriculum choice that will especially appeal to kids that like to work independently.



Product Description


Math Mammoth focuses on conceptual understanding. Concepts are often explained with visual models, followed by exercises using those models. These visual models can take the place of manipulatives for many children; however, it is very easy to add corresponding manipulatives to the lessons if so desired. The curriculum is mastery-oriented. This means it concentrates fairly long on a topic, delving into its various aspects. This promotes conceptual understanding, as opposed to spiral curricula that often tend to jump from topic to topic too much. There is a strong emphasis on mental math and number sense. It requires very little teacher preparation, which is a big benefit to most teachers/parents. The curriculum has no separate teacher's manual nor is it scripted. All the instruction is written directly to the student in the worktext, and there also exist accompanying videos where you can see Maria herself teach the material. After each chapter introduction, you will find a list of Internet links and resources (games, quizzes, animations, etc.) that can be used for fun, illustrations, and further practice. For addition and subtraction facts, you can use our online practice program (free).


Math Mammoth Grade 1 (Light Blue Series) teaches the concepts of addition and subtraction facts within 10, measuring, geometry, addition and subtraction with two-digit numbers, and counting coins. Common Core aligned.

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