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Logic of English Foundations A

Logic of English Foundations A



Logic of English Foundations A



Product Description


Help your students learn, build and master the five strands of reading plus grammar and handwriting with the Foundations A Set! From 40 scripted lessons and eight assessments to high-energy games and interactive activities, Foundations A Set contains all the tools and resources needed to teach reading, spelling and writing successfully! In this set, your students will develop strong phonemic awareness skills that are highly correlated with becoming a strong reader.

By the end of Foundations A, students read and comprehend phrases with short vowels, spell short vowel words and decode high-frequency words with some fluency. Foundations A is sold in manuscript OR cursive, and it is the only set that contains six student-created readers, designed to develop accurate reading comprehension skills, not “picture reading.”


With a teacher’s manual, a student workbook, three quick-reference charts, tactile cards, game cards, game tiles and flash cards, teaching will be easy and learning will be fun! The set is available in either manuscript or cursive formats.

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