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Explode the Code 1

Explode the Code 1


Homeschool Together Review:

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Explode the Code 1



Short Review:

  • Explode the Code is a phonics-based curriculum focused on early reading skills

  • Book 1 covers basic short vowel sounds and consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words

  • Very visual with pictures corresponding to words 

  • Includes a lot of handwriting practice - writing words, sentences, etc.

  • Workbook format with activities like circling pictures, filling in missing letters to complete words, reading short sentences

  • Over 100 pages, could take a couple months to complete at a pace of a few pages per day

  • Affordable books

  • Does not include stories for reading practice until after Level 1. Would need to supplement with early readers.

  • Manipulatives like letter cards not included, so may need to supplement with flashcards

  • Recommended to start with the "before the code" books if this is the core reading curriculum to learn all letter sounds first

  • Good for review and reinforcement after completing a more comprehensive initial reading curriculum

  • Hands-on independent work versus teacher-driven like some other reading curriculums

  • Overall provides a phonics foundation and practice through different types of exercises



Product Description


Workbook 1 introduces students to the sounds of short vowels. The exercises begin with short a and then follow with short i, short u, short e, and short o. Students practice blending sounds to read and write CVC words.

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