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Build Your Library Level 2 - The Medieval World

Build Your Library Level 2 - The Medieval World



Build Your Library Level 2 - The Medieval World



Product Description


You and your child will embark on a journey through the Medieval Era this year. Using History Quest: Middle Times as your spine, you will learn about knights and castles, the rise of Islam in the Middle East, the Crusades, Vikings, battles, and more!


Snuggle up on the couch and enjoy great literature that your whole family will enjoy. Go on a quest to find the Old Man in the Moon with Minli and see how she changes her family’s fortune in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, and find out how an orphan boy fares when he tries to steal Hamlet from Shakespeare in The Shakespeare Stealer.


The science focus this year is Earth and Space. You will spend the first half of the year learning about space using the DK First Space Encyclopedia, and the second half of the year learning about geography and the planet Earth using the DK First Earth Encyclopedia and The Geography Book.  You will study the planets and complete a research page for each; learn what it’s like to be an astronaut; study volcanoes and earthquakes and learn about maps while making several of your own and so much more.


You and your child will explore great artists and art techniques using Discovering Great Artists, and Why is Art Full of Naked People?  as your guides.  Your child will create masterpieces just like the artists that lived during the Middle Ages through the Renaissance. These books will be used throughout the rest of the elementary years.


The 292-page PDF lesson plans include a daily and weekly schedule for 36 weeks of study, a reading list, a set of 6 – 8 narration cards, vocabulary words, discussion questions and copywork passages all tied to the literature readings, poetry memorization, timeline figures, research projects, 26 activity pages (including mapwork), science lessons and 34 science activity pages, and art projects.

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