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Build Your Library Level 0 - Around the World

Build Your Library Level 0 - Around the World


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Build Your Library Level 0 - Around the World



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Curriculum overview:

  • 36-week kindergarten curriculum designed for ages 4-6
  • Covers countries and regions by continent in a logical sequence
  • Includes animal science and poetry components
  • Features art projects related to global cultures
  • Very prescriptive day-by-day schedule detailing books, activities, videos, etc.
  • Literature selections all connect to the country/region of study



  • High-quality literature selections, almost all available at local libraries
  • Continent by continent approach helps reinforce geographic concepts
  • Overview week for each continent introduces region before country studies
  • Animal science aligns well with the regions studied
  • Daily schedule very helpful for new homeschoolers
  • Discussion questions assist with reading comprehension
  • Affordable books are available used if needed



  • Not ideal for families who dislike folktales
  • Some weeks only have picture books, not chapter books
  • Could use more literature recommendations as substitutions
  • Global art book requires more prep and materials than expected


Build Your Library Level 0 provides a solid literature-based exploration of world cultures and geography. The continent-by-continent approach and literature tie-ins create a cohesive experience. The highly detailed daily schedule makes it easy for new homeschoolers to implement. Overall an engaging curriculum for a first exposure to world geography and cultures.


Product Description


You are about to embark on an adventure around the world with your kindergarten child! We’ll be visiting each of the seven continents and exploring the amazing places found on our planet Earth! This is a gentle but exciting tour around the world.


The 245-page PDF lesson plans include a daily and weekly schedule for 30 weeks of study, a book list of all scheduled reading materials, an additional library book list for extended reading, activities and projects tied to the literature readings, web-links and hyper-linked optional books to help you get the most from the lessons, 30+ pages of activity pages (including maps), and animal research projects.

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