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Blossom and Root Second Grade: Language Arts

Blossom and Root Second Grade: Language Arts



Blossom and Root Second Grade: Language Arts



Product Description


Blossom & Root Second Grade was designed to provide parents with a second grade curriculum that focuses on the development of the whole child. Includes:


A living-books inspired language arts program full of tall tales, trickster tales, and stories of adventure. Includes engaging literature projects, journaling, word building, mini-poem activities, narration, and copywork. This curriculum also integrates geography through a variety of hands-on, creative projects. NEW THIS YEAR: Also includes a coordinating Creative Extensions Guide that encourages your child to explore seven new forms of artistic expression through handicrafts, shadow puppets, window transparencies, and more!


Complete parent curriculum guides (includes detailed *yet flexible* lessons, book and supply lists, budget-friendly tips for curriculum implementation, and more.)


Note: This product is sold as a standalone download or as part of a larger multi-subject bundled curriculum.

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