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Beyond the Code 2

Beyond the Code 2


Homeschool Together Review:

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Beyond The Code 2



Short review:

  • Beyond the Code Level 2 is designed as a follow-on reader to Explode the Code to provide additional reading comprehension and reasoning skills practice. 

  • Meant to be used after Beyond the Code 1 (which should align at or after Explode the Code 3)

  • Contains 7 short stories that are 5-7 pages long (around 500 words) with 2-3 pages of vocabulary preview and follow up comprehension questions

  • Stories are simple with around 4-5 sentences per page and focus on themes like city life, nature, animals, everyday situations

  • Each lesson starts with introduction of new vocabulary words related to the story's theme and location

  • Learner reads through vocabulary words and matches to pictures

  • Short story follows vocabulary preview

  • After reading the story, learner answers reading comprehension questions referencing vocabulary and story details

  • Additional questions require writing 1-2 sentence answers with assistance for spelling as needed

  • Fun art activity relates to each story for the learner to illustrate something from the story

  • Simple stories are engaging and enjoyable for kids in this level

  • Affordable and can be completed in 2-3 months doing 15-20 mins 3-4 days per week




Product Description


Workbook 2 contains seven engagingly illustrated stories: Plum; The Camp Out; Greg Can’t Sleep; Max; Good, Bad, or Best?; Stand up for Lemonade; and Lost in the City. Introductory exercises teach word families and vocabulary, while follow-up questions develop students’ understanding of the stories and encourage their reasoning abilities. After each story, students can complete illustrations by adding their own drawings.


Skills Addressed

• Spelling patterns

• Sight words

• Vocabulary development

• Sequencing

• Categorizing

• Following directions • Critical thinking

• Story recall

• Inferential thinking

• Rhyming words

• Multi-syllabic words

• Matching sentences to pictures

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