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Evan-Moor: Skill Sharpeners Geography Pre-K

Evan-Moor: Skill Sharpeners Geography Pre-K



Amazon - Evan-Moor: Skill Sharpeners Geography Pre-K

Evan-Moor - Evan-Moor: Skill Sharpeners Geography Pre-K


Product Description


Skill Sharpeners: Geography engages your child in exploring the world while learning important map skills and geography concepts.

Winner of the Mom’s Choice Gold Seal Award for the best family-friendly products, these colorful activity books excite children to learn about the world around them and practice cross-curricular skills that integrate current geography standards.

Each geography topic includes nonfiction reading selections, comprehension questions, vocabulary practice, writing prompts, and authentic activities that bring the concepts to life. These activities invite your child to be creative while using higher-order thinking skills.

The PreK title incorporates geography concepts and themes into basic skill practice and includes hands-on activities and art projects.

PreK activities include:

  • Counting

  • Vocabulary

  • Writing

  • Patterns

  • Comparing


Activities incorporate geography concepts such as:

  • Map skills

  • Landforms and bodies of water

  • Continents and oceans

  • Habitats

Use Skill Sharpeners: Geography for enrichment at home and help your child learn important map skills and geography concepts!

Includes answer key. Every Skill Sharpeners workbook now includes a free downloadable Teaching Guide! Skill Sharpeners: Geography Teaching Guides include:


  • How to Use directions for teaching geography

  • Sample pacing guide to complete lessons and activities

  • Teaching suggestions for incorporating geography discussion questions

  • Extension activities such as a geography journal, graphic organizers, and field trip suggestions

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