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Do you feel like you’re always inside the house, staring at screens, looking at the world through windows? We feel you. So do other people! We need to be outside. It’s invigorating and fun for everyone. What better to push a new habit than a challenge, the 500-hour summer challenge!

Why do we need to get outside?
Physical benefits
Why 500 hours?
How to be successful
Tips and tricks

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Show Notes
12/3/30 Workout Challenge –
The Importance of Outdoor Play with Hope Helms, Urban Eden Farm School –
Identify Plants and Animals with the Seek App –
Spend the summer outside with All Trails –
SUPERJARE Hammock with Stand –
Ninja Obstacle Course for Kids Backyard –
INTEX 12 foot pool –
Hand Warmers Rechargeable –
Did Shakespeare write the plays? –

What we are Consuming
Billy Shakespeare = Cliff Notes Summary + BBC Audio Dramas
Shakespeare’s King Lear Cliff Notes –
BBC King Lear (Find it on audio through your library and the Libby app) –
A Stage Full of Shakespeare Stories –