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This week on the podcast we’re reviewing a game we picked up recently and have been loving, Roller Coaster Challenge by @thinkfun! Just like our other favorite ThinkFun games Gravity Maze and Laser Maze, this is also a fun solo experience!

Age: 6+
Players: 1 player
Game Play: 5 min +
Skills: logic, problem solving, visual perception

In Roller Coaster Challenge there is a game board grid, lots of roller coaster pieces, and 40 challenge cards. The cards detail the setup of the challenge and the pieces needed to complete the coaster, but they don’t say where those pieces need to be placed. Challenges get progressively harder and solutions are on the card backs in case you get really stumped. Once your coaster is complete you send the small car (riding on a marble) down the track to test your design.

We love independent play games like these. Our daughter will sit for hours working through the challenges. Testing and re-testing different configurations. This game is also great in that open-ended play is always an option. Our daughter will spend most of the time working challenge cards and then dump out all the pieces and build the biggest coaster she can.

Keep these independent games coming ThinkFun!

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