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Continuing our series on games for Halloween, on today’s Short Bite we’re reviewing Potion Explosion. In this game, players work to create potions using marbles to gather victory points and be the best wizard or witch in Potions Class!

πŸŽ‚ Age 8+
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ 2-4 players
βŒ› 30-45 min
πŸ“ Skills: probability, strategy, matching

Join Potions class and start brewing your concoctions! In this game, players will pull ingredients (marbles) from the dispenser. When taking an ingredient causes two or more other ingredients of the same color to collide, then an explosion occurs and you take the lot! If by removing those you cause more like-colored ingredients to collide, you get those too, and so on. Players will use the marbles they’ve gained to complete two potion tiles in front of them. A spare beaker is also available to hold three additional marbles for use on another turn. Each potion completed will grant the player a single special action to be used at their discretion. The potion might allow you to pull more marbles, retake a previous potion’s action, or steal the marbles from another player! As potions are completed, players gain victory points. Victory points are also gained via special bonuses (for groups of potions completed) and lost for help from the professor (a second marble selection on your turn).

Overall, is Potion Explosion a real-life Candy Crush? Yes and no. The marbles definitely work that way but in a more satisfying tactile sense. The other aspect is competition with other players for the same resources. Depending on the number of players and potions on the table, ingredient colors can be scarce. The potion abilities add a nice element too. Deploying those at the right time can be very effective.

We dig Potion Explosion. It’s fun, light with just enough strategy, and most importantly it’s different. When so many games can feel similar I can say with certainty that nothing else in our collection plays like this! We really enjoyed it and think families will love this one!

Potion Explosion –

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