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Continuing our series on games for Halloween, on todayโ€™s Short Bite weโ€™re reviewing Horrified from Ravensburger. In this game, players work cooperatively to take on the monsters of Universal movie fame. Itโ€™s a hauntingly good time!

๐ŸŽ‚ Age 8+
๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ 1-5 players
โŒ› 45-60 min
๐Ÿ“ Skills: cooperation, strategy, communication

In Horrified, players are working together to rid the village of some pesky monsters from classic Universal movies. Each game is played with 2-3 monsters chosen or drawn at random. Each monster has unique characteristics in the game. Monsters have a unique starting location, a special power, and a task (or tasks) that players must complete first before attempting to defeat the monster. Players will take on the role of characters in the game each with their own special ability. During the game innocent villagers will also be added throughout the board, each trying to reach a different location for safety and vulnerable to monster attack until they reach it.

Each turn players will take a series of actions which could involve moving their character, collecting item tokens, exchanging tokens with other players, helping villagers, advancing monster tasks (through using tokens), and defeating monsters. After a player takes their turn, it’s time for the monsters to go on the hunt. A card is drawn from the monster deck with instructions about which, if any, of the monsters in play will move towards the nearest victim (hero or villager) and attack. To attack, dice are rolled which can either cause the defeat of a hero (or death of a villager), activate the monster’s special power, or do nothing. Heroes can discard item tokens to defend themselves. For each hero or villager that is attacked (successfully) by a monster, the overall terror rating of the town increases. When it hits its maximum, all heroes are too horrified to continue.

Horrified is a terrific cooperative game. There are lots of tasks to accomplish (and monsters to run from). With variable character powers and unique monsters, this game has so much replayability. We didn’t find it easy, but neither was it so difficult that we felt outmatched. Some monsters are harder than others and you can select how many to play with each game. This is a nice way to adjust the difficulty. With great gameplay, there’s also a solid theme that oozes movie monster fun. It’s a perfect Halloween game, but we’re looking forward to playing it year-round because it’s too much fun to keep in on the shelf the rest of the year!

Horrified –

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