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In today’s episode, we continue our series on first games for early learners with a wonderful game from HABA, Nibble Munch Crunch. This game starts with tabletop basics so that your young child can get the building blocks needed to grow with gaming as they progress into preschool.

🎂 Target Age 2-4
👨‍👩‍👦 1-5 Players
⌛ 5 min
📐 Skills: cooperation, colors, matching, dexterity, memory

Nibble Munch Crunch, designed by Annemarie Woke and illustrated by Elke Broska, is a gentle introduction to board games for young children. The purpose is to recognize and align animals with what they eat. The game has three modes of play. Initially, free play and exploration are encouraged. This gives kids and adults an opportunity to discuss the shapes, colors, animals, and food choices in the game. Children can practice fitting the wooden food pieces into the matching tiles and sorting the food color tiles. Next, you can play a cooperative game matching the wooden food with the cutout tile and the animal that eats that food. Players win or lose together. Finally, you can play a memory game with your child. Each player has a food cutout tile and matching wooden food token. The animals and food color tiles are facedown. The goal is to find and remember the location of the animal and the food color tile that matches your food.

This game has nice solid components that have withstood many play sessions with our just turned 2-year-old. The wooden food pieces are large for little fingers and the tiles are a thick cardboard construction. The artwork is adorable and our daughter was quickly engaged. As many times as we’ve played this so far, we’re only at the cooperative level. This game will grow with her until she’s ready to play preschool games. We’ve also found that this game has given our older daughter a chance to practice teaching with her sister. She can guide without feeling the need to take over the game.

While games for this age group may seem very simplistic, they’re a great way to get our children used to taking turns, matching colors, remembering information (what each animal eats), manipulating pieces (fitting the wooden food pieces), and learning how to cooperate with others rather than compete or hog the game.

We highly recommend Nibble Munch Crunch as the first entry into your child’s gaming library. It will give them a great foundation to enjoy and learn with tabletop games!

Nibble Munch Crunch –

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