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Are you tired of playing Monopoly, Candyland, or insert Milton Bradley title here, but you’re unsure how to get your family beyond the classic (and mostly boring) board games? Settlers of Catan is THE gateway game. We’ve seen it be the spark that sets a family down a path of nerdy board game goodness and as gameschoolers we know the power games have to not only entertain, but teach valuable lessons and academic skills. If you’ve been on the fence about weightier board games at all, dip your toe into the waters of Catan and you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Even better, Catan Junior offers a terrific way to help your kids break out of the Candyland mold too. Great artwork, simple mechanics, and intriguing strategy make this the perfect entry to the nerdy board game world. Welcome!

Settlers of Catan
Ages 8 and up
3-4 players (with 5-6 player expansion available)
60 min playtime
Skills: strategic thinking, math, probabilities, colors

Catan Junior
Ages 6-10
3-4 players
30 min playtime
Skills: strategic thinking, math, probabilities

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