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Today we sit down with Kate Scott, a public school educator, a future principal, and now a homeschooling mom to discuss her journey into homeschooling, how her work in the classroom informs her approach to homeschool, how homeschooling will in turn inform her future work in the public school system, and how we can become better educators for our children at home. She provides a wealth of knowledge and information so don’t miss this episode!

Show Notes

Words their way –
Handwriting without tears –
Jump math –
Dreambox –
Homer (App) –
Osmo Starter Kit –

Snohomish County Parent Partnership –

How to be better educators

John Hattie Visible Learning –
Nancy Frey, John Hattie, Douglas Fisher The Distance Learning Playbook for Parents –
Jigsaw Teaching Method –
Total Participation Techniques –
Bloom’s Taxonomy –’s_taxonomy
Lower Order vs. Higher Order Questions –
Restarting and Reinventing School in the times of Covid –
Social Emotional Learning Standards, Benchmarks, and Indicators