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Homeschool Decision Made? Check. Curriculum? Check. Books? Check. Manipulatives and Games? Check. Willing students? Mostly Check. You’re all prepared and you dive into your first weeks of homeschooling (yay!), but you finish all your lessons in less time than your kids would’ve been in school. Are you really doing enough? Today we breakdown the public school day in Kindergarten to understand just what your student would learn in an average day and we contrast that with what we do in a homeschool day. You are doing enough and then some!

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Public School Day (Complete ‘average’ Kindergarten day)
Our Homeschool Day (Pre-K with K Math/Reading curriculums)
Comparison (Public vs Home)

Show Notes
When going head first at the public school one needs to be motivated –

What are we into this week
Teachers Pay Teachers –
(Math, Writing, D’Nealian handwriting sheets, and just about everything you could need.)