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You may already be well acquainted with your local public library, but libraries often have more to offer than many homeschoolers realize. Libraries are transforming to keep up with the educational needs of families in surprising ways. Today we review our favorite physical and digital library resources to enhance your homeschooling adventure!

Physical – So much more than books!
CDs, DVDs, Audiobooks, and video games oh my!
Boardgames and puzzles (we wish), and other toys (music makers, puppets, etc.)
Printer access (now often remote print). Color & B&W. Ours is 70 pages B&W per day!
Some libraries loan tools if you need to build something to support your homeschool
Makerspaces with 3D printers, graphing calculators, audio recording equipment

Ebooks and e-readers themselves
Remote tutoring (95% of public libraries provide access to tutoring sites)
Animated picture books
Learning printables (coloring pages, worksheets, games, puzzles themed around specific books)
Learning: Foreign Language,
Pictures (the NYPL has 200,000 free images even w/o a library card including manuscripts from the founding fathers)
Research: Digital encyclopedias, magazines, biographies, geneology

Free or discounted passed to museums, zoos and other attractions
Summer reading programs (usually book awarded at the end)
Storytime, playgroups, science lab
Teen programs
How-to classes (crafting, music, coding, foreign language, etc.)
Fitness and mindfulness classes (yoga, tai chi, etc.)
Event space for your co-op group!

Our tips
Most importantly ask! Librarians have a masters degree in library science. If anyone can find a resource you need, they can!
If you live outside a major metro area, see if you can get a card for the city library.
If a book isn’t available, ask for inter library loan or ask if your library will purchase it!

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