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With so many flavors of homeschooling, there are lots of new terms to learn. When new homeschooling families reach out and ask where to start they usually run into some unfamiliar language. We’re going to try to decode the most commonly used homeschool terms. This is only meant to be a broad introduction as future episodes will get into the weeds.

Curriculum Terms
Spiral Learning, Sequential Learning, Loop Schedule, Scope & Sequence, Multi-Level, Spine, Extension, Manipulatives

Homeschool Support
Co-op, Enrichment, PPP or ALE, Association

Reporting and Record-Keeping
Portfolio, Individual Home Instruction Plan (IHIP), Letter of Intent (LOI), Progress Report, Standardized Testing

Other Terms
Deschooling, Accidental homeschooler, Learning Styles (auditory, kinesthetic, visual), Morning Baskets, PODS or Micro Schools, Secular and Faith-Based

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Show Notes
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