Below is a compilation of our favorite resources for homeschool. These are the curriculums, books, subscription boxes, apps, websites, and more that our family has loved. There are also a few resources that we have created to help you in your homeschool journey. Bookmark this page and check back often. We’ll add new items as we discover them!


If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at our recommended homeschool curriculums! To evaluate what might be the right fit for your family, check out our Finding Curriculum episode!

Secular Multi-Subject Curriculums

Blossom & Root is a secular, literature and nature based curriculum inspired by Charlotte Mason and Waldorf philosophies. This curriculum covers music, art, history, literature, poetry, and science. Math and reading is only covered in early levels of the curriculum. This curriculum can be purchased as a whole or broken into parts by subject (Nature, Science, etc.). Book Seeds (small unit studies) are also available. This curriculum supports Preschool through 4th grade currently, with future levels in the roadmap, and is sold through digital download.

Hear our complete review of Early Years Vol. 2 and an interview with the creator, Kristina Garner.

Build Your Library is a secular, literature-based curriculum inspired by Charlotte Mason. This curriculum covers literature, art, history, poetry, and science. It does not include math and spelling or grammar. They also have a number of unit studies based around literature (even Harry Potter!). This curriculum supports Kindergarten through 12th grade and is sold through digital download.

Hear our curriculum overview and an interview with the creator, Emily Cook.

Math and Language Arts

We recommend using the RightStart Math curriculum as it uses both a spiral and mastery-based approach to mathematics, with hands-on manipulatives to demonstrate and reinforce concepts. This curriculum supports Kindergarten through Middle School aged math.

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We recommend using the All About Reading curriculum which provides a complete reading program that focuses on learning and reinforcing reading skills through sight, sound, and touch for a multi-sensory experience. This curriculum supports Kindergarten through 4th-grade level reading. A complimentary program, All About Spelling, supports 1st through 4th grade.

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For a more open-and-go curriculum option, we suggest looking at Timberdoodle curriculum kits. They offer both religious and non-religious box-based curriculums that cover essential grade-appropriate subjects. Note: the non-religious curriculum from Timberdoodle is neutral rather than fully secular. You will need to supplement with additional history and science components to cover pre-history, evolutionary biology, etc. in certain grade levels.

Hear our interview with the Timberdoodle team

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a terrific way to enrich your homeschool. Whether your child is excited about art, science, exploring the globe through food, or engineering, there’s a box for you. We’re continually trying new options and will update this as we find more great options for your family.

The Outside the Box Creation subscription box features a different medium each month with an inspirational book and all materials needed to make your child’s special creation. Enough supplies are included for multiple projects and the box instructions focus on showing techniques and presenting ideas that aren’t prescriptive so that your child’s own creativity can shine.

Hear our complete review and interview with the creator, Beth Herrild, about how to approach art with our kids.

The Universal Yums subscription box takes you to a new country each month with snacks popular in that country. A helpful guide comes with each box to present the background on why the snack was chosen and its importance to that local area. A rating sheet is included for everyone in the family to give their review. This is one of our family’s must have subscriptions and has helped our kids be less picky eaters as well!

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Kiwi Crate is a STEAM oriented subscription box targeted for ages 5-8. Each month there’s a hands-on project (or two) and a resource book to dive deeper into the subject. The projects are well thought out using quality components that last beyond the day it arrives.

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The Sago Mini Box is perfect for preschool and Kindergarten aged kids with a focus on creative play. Each box includes several activities that children can play with again and again. It also features creative packaging that’s used in the activities and is well organized for parents to present to their children.

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Touring the World

We’re completing an educational tour of the world with our Kindergartner using Build Your Library and Torchlight curriculums. As we circle the globe, we’re creating additional terrific resource lists for each country. These contain fiction and non-fiction books, movies, documentaries, videos, recipes, and even games! Note: these are only resource lists and not a substitute for a full curriculum. These lists are aimed at lower Elementary-aged students and rely mostly on picture-rich books to explore each country.

We don’t want the cost to be prohibitive for any family, so these are offered in our store in a “pay what you can” model. We hope they’re helpful to your studies with your learners!

You can watch our country-by-country review on YouTube. We discuss our favorite books, activities, videos, and recipes from each country (or group of countries)

Homeschool Planning with Trello

Trello is a terrific online, free, platform for homeschool planning. See how we use Trello to simplify complex homeschool plans and maintain flexibility.

We have a complete video series available so that you can plan confidently in Trello. No experience needed! Our beginner step by step videos are free on YouTube and our advanced videos are offered in our store.

Homeschool Gift Guide

Wondering what to get for your homeschool friend’s birthday? Want to see creative products to assist in your homeschool? Check out our 2020 Homeschooling Gift Guide and stay tuned for our 2021 guide which will be coming out this holiday season!


If you’re book lovers like us, definitely check out our episodes on how to use your library to the fullest, how to save money buying books, and how to organize your books.

These are some of our favorite books!


Julie Bogart – The Brave Learner

Emily Cook – Modern Secular Charlotte Mason

Picture Books

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Room on the Broom

Little Excavator

Dragons Love Tacos

Early Chapter Books

The Kingdom of Wrenly: The Lost Stone – Jordan Quinn

Mercy Watson: Mercy Watson to the Rescue – Kate DiCamillo

Reference Books

DK Smithsonian Knowledge Encyclopedia Series (Animal!, Dinosaur!, Ocean!, Science!, and History!)

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books Series

DK When on Earth? Atlas

DK Where on Earth? Atlas

Free Resources

These are some of our favorite free homeschool resources!

Kahn Academy and app

History Book by Book

Dolly Parton Imagination Library

NASA Educational Resources

Louvre Virtual Tour

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Virtual Tour

Vatican Virtual Tour

Metropolitan Museum of ArtVirtual Tour

Google Arts and Culture Tours (Museums and Monuments) Virtual Tour

Yosemite Virtual Tour

Great Wall of China Virtual Tour

Yellowstone Virtual Tour